Greeting message WhatsApp (4 examples to delight your customers)



This happens, because, WhatsApp is more available for everyone, once is present on all smartphones.

One of the available tools on is the greeting message WhatsApp. In this message, you can introduce yourself to your customer.

If you are a company and you already use WhatsApp Business to communicate to your public, you are ahead of your competitors, but all WhatsApp Business tools must have a better performance.

Why is it important to have a greeting message WhatsApp?

Greeting message WhatsApp (4 examples to delight your customers) 2
Greeting message WhatsApp (4 examples to delight your customers) 4

There’s a saying: “The first impression is what sticks”. Exactly because of this, you need to cause, as a company, a great greeting message WhatsApp impression, and impact your “lead” or customer.

How to call attention to greeting message WhatsApp ?

WhatsApp greeting messages or welcoming messages need to call attention, because, these days, attention is a real gem.

People are very distracted with their smartphones, and you are one notification away to get the attention of your customer.

Mental triggers

Greeting message WhatsApp (4 examples to delight your customers) 3
Greeting message WhatsApp (4 examples to delight your customers) 5

Mental triggers are brain impulses that the human brain receives and can influence a lot the decision-making.

If you stimulate these triggers in your customer, it can be a good way to further persuade your customer.

There are many mental triggers, but we are going to list the top 5 greeting message WhatsApp to be very convincing.

Mental trigger of reciprocity

Many marketing professionals talk about this trigger. It is based on gratitude. You offer high-quality content to your customer until he/she is grateful for that and he/she will want to buy something from you.

This trigger works a lot, that even the Hare Krishna community had fundraiser records, using the same principles.

Instead of asking for a donation, they offer flowers.

People felt grateful for the gift and ended up donating, out of gratitude for the gift.

For that reason, offering high-quality content to you public using a greeting message WhatsApp, can be positive to create a connection in the moment of the message.

Mental trigger of social proof

The mental trigger of social proof is based on the thesis that most people, observe what other people are doing, before making a decision.

That’s why many influencers are having a lot of success on Instagram, advertising some product.

Probably, some people wouldn’t buy that product if they didn’t see his/her influencer using it before.

In the greeting message WhatsApp, you can send customer’s statements, showing the service results, or showing your high-quality product.

Mental trigger of Authority

The mental trigger of authority explains by itself, it uses your authority as a person or as a company.

The human being tends to legitimate obey authority because one he/she shows credibility, and this can happen unthinkingly when making decisions.

If you know a person with a diploma in some specific area, you tend to listen to this person with obedience than the other person without any experience on some theme.

In the greeting message WhatsApp, you can use many ways to show authority, such as how long the company is acting in its area, the number of services performed, a fraction of your products that you already sold.

Mental trigger of Shortage

With mental trigger of shortage, people find more value to opportunities when they are less available.

The hardest thing to get is more precious than the easier one.

A good example is a bottle of water in the desert.

You already passed some days drinking a little water or even nothing, however, in case of a shortage of water in your region, you will probably buy water without thinking much.

Applying the greeting message WhatsApp trigger, you can send a promotional offer of your services with a limited time, or offer a product with a discount, limited in quantity, for example.

4 examples of WhatsApp greeting messages for Companies


Hello, good morning, how are you doing?

Before introducing ourselves, I want to talk about [product or service] that it’s on sale for a limited time.

It’s [percentage] off for [number of days] days, and how this promotion started [starting date], you have more [number of days] left, so don’t waste time, and take advantage of your discount.


Hello, good morning, how are you doing?

Initially, I need to have a serious conversation with you. We are not like any other company, we have [how long you are in the market] of experience, and we know what we are doing, consequently, we didn’t start yesterday.

Besides, we have many certifications in the market, such as [the kind of certification] certification, issued by [ issuing institution].

What can we do for you?

Social proof

Hello, good morning, how are you doing?

Before talking about a product or service, we need to show you a statement from our customer.

[Link or image of the statement]

We are very happy to positively impact these people, and this is one of our company’s missions.

How can we help you?


Hello, good morning, how are you doing?

We are grateful to have your contact.

To not keep our gratitude in words only, we offer you this [gift], no strings attached, we are doing this because we believe in what we do.

It’s a good way to return to people that looked for us and cannot buy our [product].

What else can we help you with?

Greeting message for WhatsApp customers – restaurants

One of the most challenges for a restaurant is to receive clients, after all, the first impression is what sticks. Check 4 examples of WhatsApp greeting messages for restaurants customers.

Our restaurant is open from 12 pm to 3 pm and after 5 pm; however, if you cannot book the time of your choice, you can go to row beside the entrance to be attended or call on (11) 99998-0000 to check availability.

“Hi, is your name ______? There’s a queue right now. Would you like to book a time right now via WhatsApp number (11) 99998-0000?

Please contact us via WhatsApp to check the availability of the time of your choice: 11 999 98 0000.

Yours sincerely, Restaurante Aroeira”

“Hello, _____. Do you want to know the availability of your time? Enter on WhatsApp: 11 99999 0000 to check our schedule and be in contact with us directly.”

“Hi, are you searching for a well-located restaurant? Restaurante Aroeira is complete and with good meals! Did you know that we have vegan options? We also offer lunches on Sundays. Come visit us!”

Now that you know that greeting message WhatsApp is very important to cause a good impression to your public, you learned ways to keep them more convincing, you will have more opportunities to create a better relationship to your customer.

Take advantage and check how to sell 3x more with WhatsApp.

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