[2023] How to create a broadcast list WhatsApp: 4 important tips



WhatsApp is the biggest messenger nowadays. It’s very popular in Brazil, and that’s why many companies and entrepreneurs are using WhatsApp to communicate with their customers and selling products or services.

There’s a WhatsApp tool, WhatsApp Business to be specific, that can improve your communication to your customers and audience, it’s broadcast list WhatsApp

The WhatsApp broadcast list is a free tool to make communication with more than one person possible.

Similar to the WhatsApp group, but without the possibility of the members communicating with each other.

In this post, you will check 4 exceptional tips to improve yourself even more on your broadcast list.

Why having a broadcast list WhatsApp?

[2023] How to create a broadcast list WhatsApp: 4 important tips 2
[2023] How to create a broadcast list WhatsApp: 4 important tips 3

If you already have a great number of customers and audience, sending them messages individually will be an unfeasible task and you will waste a lot of time.

The WhatsApp broadcast list makes it easier, with some clicks only, you can send messages to hundreds of people.

Today, this WhatsApp broadcast list is limited to 256 people. If you need to add more people, you will need to create another list.

Currently, you can create as many lists as you want.

How to create a broadcast list on WhatsApp

Now that you learned that a broadcast list is a wonderful tool, you can enhance the communication to your customers and audience, you will learn how to create a broadcast list.

Step 1 – Options.

Open your WhatsApp, click on more options, and click new broadcast.

Step 2 – Contacts.

Select the contacts you want to add to your list.

Step 3 – Confirming.

Click on “confirm”, and then your broadcast list will be created.

Step 4 – Name.

Edit the name of the list, adding the name with the characteristics of people that are on your list.

How to make a broadcast list on WhatsApp web:

WhatsApp Web is an online version of WhatsApp. Nowadays It’s not possible to create or edit a broadcast list, through WhatsApp Web, however it’s possible to send a message through the list.

4 important tips for a broadcast list WhatsApp

Saving the contact

Before sending messages to your contacts, make sure that your contacts have your number saved in their agendas, in case that your audience or customer does not have it saved, the messages sent via broadcast list won’t reach them.

For this reason, before sending messages to your list, remind your contacts to have your number saved in their agendas, so they can receive your updates normally.

You can send a message before adding a person to your broadcast list WhatsApp.

Message example:

“Good morning [person’s name], I’m creating a WhatsApp broadcast list, where I’ll transmit [the content that you will offer] exclusive for those who are in this list, for this reason, I need you to have my contact save your cell phone.

If my contact is not saved, you won’t be able to receive the message and you will miss [that content that you will offer] that is exclusive for those who are on this list.

If you already have my contact saved and you want to join my list, confirm with a “yes” in this message.


Have a balance when sending updates through the list, because depending on your content, it can be considered spam by your customers or audiences, and it can jeopardize the delivery of the messages.

Kind of contents

In the broadcast list WhatsApp, you can send any kind of content.

If you already have an e-commerce, you can send updates about new products, with exclusive discounts for those who are on your list.

If you create content for social media, you can offer more complete and exclusive content for those who are on your list.

Always offer something more to your list, to make people more comfortable receiving your messages.

List segmentation

Segmentation is very important to have clear communication to your audience, in doing so you can send more assertive messages.

Example: Leads (potential client), client [product 1], client [product 2].

If you know that someone bought some product, and you already know that this person trusts your product, and know him/her interests in that product, you can send more specific content for him/her.

Now that you created your broadcast list WhatsApp, feel free to communicate with your customers and audience, but keep in mind to have balance, do not spam, to make people more comfortable with your list.

Keep in mind that you can count on Tudo Para Whats Team to use WhatsApp effectively, enjoy and check how to use WhatsApp on a PC efficiently.

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