Ascsac, How does it work? Is it worth the investment? Know it, now!



The platform Ascsac has the main goal to enhance the customer service of the companies. Its main characteristic is in the diversity of features that the platform has.

Through the unification of service channels, it’s possible to increase a lot the quality of service, increasing, even more, the acquisition of customers and enhance the service.

In this article, we will have a brief analysis of the Ascsac platform, and what are the advantages for those who will acquire this tool.

What is Ascsac?

Ascsac, How does it work? Is it worth the investment? Know it, now! 3

Customer service is something important for any company, whether to obtain new customers or to keep customers themselves.

The Ascsac system works online, through a dedicated platform, which includes 18 types of services channels, with the purpose to offer a better customer experience.

It’s an international platform, which languages used are Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

If your company is looking for faster service, as well as automation, using the chatbot, Ascsac can be a viable alternative, but let’s check what are the advantages before investing in this tool.

What are the main benefits of Ascsac?

The customer service platforms make a lot of promises, some are very specifics, as an exclusive tool for the channel, and others, like Ascsac, more widely. Below, we are going to check the benefits promised by the platform:

Lower cost

First, Ascsac promises cost reduction with the infrastructure team, by automating its customer service.

As a result, the team won’t be overloaded and will have more time to focus on strategic services that can generate long-term results.

More productivity

With Ascsac automation, your team won’t waste time with repetitive and long tasks. The automation process for services is a reality already, using technology to your advantage is possible to increase the productivity of your company and optimize the work of your team.

Fewer complaints

Ascsac works with multiple service channels, 18 in total. All these unified channels, along with artificial intelligence and chatbots, make it more feasible to offer an unforgettable Customer Service experience.

The competitors only increase, and offering a service through several channels, like Omnichannel format, will reduce complaints rate and increase customer satisfaction as well as your attendants.

More quality

With Ascsac and all its resources offered, your company will be able to offer excellent customer service, increasing sales, customer retention, and loyalty.

Channels unification

It’s also possible with Ascsac to centralize your service and integrate with all channels used by your customer: WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat, Email, Telegram, SMS, Voice, In Person, Viber, API, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Hangout, and others.

High Availability

The Internet made it possible for businesses to work 24/7, and with automation processes and customer services, it’s possible to sell 24 hours a day, as well as support your customers.

Through chatbots, you can offer services 24/7.

This means, when your customer tries contact out of the working hour, your bot (robot) will make the first contact, booking a future appointment with a human attendant, if necessary.

You can also create chatbots for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram using Ascsac, and other communication channels.

What tools does Ascsac offer?

Now that we mentioned the benefits, what would be the tools offered to your customers?

The key features are the platform interface, chatbots creation, virtual attendant with artificial intelligence, customer service team management, and Flow.

Dashboard interface

The customer service system with multiple channels is not complex.

In the dashboard, it’s possible to centralize all services via WhatsApp, Facebook, Chat, E-mail, Telegram, SMS, Voice, In Person, Viber, API, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Hangout, and others, on a single platform.

The layout is clean and friendly for any person to track and monitor the performance of your team. You can obtain instant reports that will help you to improve even more your team and customer service.

Chatbots creation

Ascsac allows you to create and customize your robot to perform its customer service independently, without the need for human interference.

There’s the possibility to integrate your chatbot with IBM Watson, Microsoft, Dialogflow, Google, and Sofia.

Sofia is the acronym of Software and IA (artificial intelligence), it’s also a virtual agent that has in its essence the junction of chatbot technology and artificial intelligence.

Attendance management

Using the Ascsac platform, you have quick access to your customer’s information, in an easy-to-view panel. In this panel, you can perform several things, such as:

●  Classification of services and consultation of conversation histories;

●  Monitoring written words by customers;

●  Obtain the average time of interactions;

●  Registration and storage of contacts and data;

●  Creation of queues and priorities;

●      Perform satisfaction surveys.

Team management

By automating the tasks and eliminating the repetitive processes of your service team, you will have more time to focus on the growth of your business, through Ascsac Dashboard is possible:

●  Create diverse attendant profiles;

●  Determine the priority of each attendant;

●  Decide if the service will be active or receptive;

●  Manage and monitor calls in real-time and their queues;

●  Monitor written words by attendants;

●      Obtain reports on login, logout, productivity, breaks, and more.


Flow is a tool offered by Ascsac, where you can plan and organize the journey of your customer, gaining agility, optimizing processes, and reducing costs.

With automated Customer Service and a support platform, you can understand and overcome your customer’s expectations. You can create your planning or, if you prefer, we create it for you.

With FLOW you can:

●  Perform a 24/07 Service;

●  Identify the customer without a queue or with less time in the queue;

●  have a linear view of the entire flow on a single screen;

●  Create IVRs to differentiate service/process queues and automatic messages for sorting;

●  Have autonomy to create and assemble your flow;

●  Have an API ready for integration into the client’s system;

●  Have a platform able to receive the main Chatbots for automated service (Luis, Watson, Sofia, Dialog);

●      WhatsApp integration and monitoring for companies.

Ascsac login: How to do it?

Creating your account on the platform is simple. You will need to add information like the name of your company, the number of employees, e-mail, and telephone number.

The platform is not fully online, it will be necessary to install software to be able to perform the service activities.

Ascsac WhatsApp: Does it work?

Ascsac doesn’t only offer service management through WhatsApp, but a multichannel service, which also includes WhatsApp and other channels like messenger, SMS, etc.

How much does it cost to acquire Ascsac?

On the Ascsac website, the platform’s subscription plan options are not available, which needs you to negotiate with the support team to have this information.

This demonstrates that the platform provides the price for each customer in a unique and customized way for each situation.

Ascsac Reclame Aqui, does it have complaints?

The platform is very safe and complete. There are no complaints when searching for the terms “Ascsac” or “Associated software company”. This is positive, but it can also reveal that it is not a very requested software.

Is it worth acquiring Ascsac?

Ascsac is a tool for saving time, and enhance your productivity, avoid wasting time with repetitive questions.

As it is not clear, we cannot evaluate if the plans and the investments are worth the functionalities provided.

That’s why it’s important to research and understand all customer service tools to be able to compare and identify which one fits what your business needs.

Also, check the take blip review, and compare the features of each tool.

Did you like this review about Ascsac? Do you believe it would be the ideal choice for your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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