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A chatbot is a computer system designed to imitate a real conversation between humans, all this happens due to its artificial intelligence. This technology helps at the speed of service, making the process faster.

Understanding how to create a chatbot is a manner to take your business to another level, because everything is fast and dynamic nowadays, and every minute saved can make a significant difference in the results of the company.

In this post, we will demonstrate how to create a chatbot simply and practically.

What is a chatbot?

how to create a chatbot
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The chatbot is a robot that automatically talks to other people through the Internet, using artificial intelligence.

This system is very common in big companies, such as telephone companies, that use chatbots via SMS messages.

With the development of the technology and the increase of competitors, small businesses are looking for new technologies to streamline their processes and be able to stand out against other competitors.

How does a chatbot work?

Chatbots are programs based on artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence is one area of computer science that has the purpose to create devices or systems that are like the human capacity of behaving, thinking, and making decisions.

Now that the chatbot is inserted on your online chat, it will register standards as the attendance goes by in order to configure standards answers, to make the attendance faster and dynamic, as much natural as possible.

Even being a robot, this tool must appear the maximum of humanity, because when many customers are in the moment of the purchase, they don’t feel comfortable when they are talking to a chatbot.

Research made by Qualibest in 2020 confirmed this thesis, 30% of the interviewed customers confirmed that they don’t like chatbots, and the other 41% hate this kind of service.

That’s why, it’s not only important how to create a chatbot but also make the chatbot the most human as possible, to not occur a distance from customers due to the robotized service.

How much does it cost to create a chatbot?

Now that you know the importance to create a chatbot, and understand how it works, how much does a chatbot cost?

There is no magic formula to identify the price of a chatbot because it’s not a product but a service. Services are more related to products, that’s why it’s hard to detail the price, however, we are going to solve this enigma.

When creating a chatbot is necessary to consider the complex features used in its system, and the solution for the problem that you want to solve. Being complex, there are important elements that must be considered when creating a chatbot, because the labor may be scarcer and more expensive.

If it’s something very innovative and disruptive, the value will be higher, but if it’s for a simple thing, the value will be lower, because it will be a simple process to be performed.

How to create a Chatbot on Facebook?

In order to create a chatbot on Facebook using the messenger will be necessary to access the developer area of Facebook to access several tutorials to create a bot to call your own.

You will need 3 tools to create your little robot:


Webhook is in the Facebook Messenger code, which registers and processes the sending and receiving messages. It will be possible to configure your robot.


GitHub is a project management system, a version of the code, and a social network created for developers. What makes GitHub different is that it allows you to manage your project with the support of other developers around the globe.


If you don’t have a server to deploy Webhook, there is a possibility that you can do a webhook remix project or initial Glitch project, which will provide a public URL over HTTPS to your webhook.

For more detail, access the complete tutorial on the Facebook developers area.

How to create a Chatbot on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Business was released in 2018 and other features like API, which is a web protocol that allows different tools from the cloud to be integrated and communicate with each other.

Through  WhatsApp Business API you will be able to integrate your bot to WhatsApp and automate some functions, however, not all companies have access to operate this tool.

Even with some restrictions, it is worthies to check API Guide, available by Facebook to work with WhatsApp Business API.

Deciding on creating a chatbot must be well evaluated depending on your public, of your company, of your product purpose, and many other variables that can influence your choice.

There are many ready chatbots options in the market today, and if your case is just to automate some simple messages, without being so innovative, this software can meet your goals.

At some point, you will need to use one of these two ways if you wish to scale your business. Chatbots will save a lot of your time with repetitive questions that were taking too much time of your team, and you will direct this time to other important tasks.

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