Omnichannel: What it is and how this technique can help your business?




Understanding Omnichannel: what it is, and what it’s for is very important for any business nowadays,

Omnichannel is a method that uses many synchronized and interconnected communication channels, to bring the connection between online and offline closer.

The customer is one of the biggest assets for the company because, without customers, no business can be sustained for a long time. With the continuous growing of competitors nowadays, it’s getting harder to have a good relationship with a customer.

One way of approaching a customer and make them loyal to your business is having good communication. The numbers of entrepreneurs who want to enhance in this sphere are growing every day, and if you are looking for this theme, you are ahead of your competitors.

In this post, we will know more about Omnichannel: what it is, and how it can improve your communication with your customers.

What is the Omnichannel solution?

omnichannel: what it is
Omnichannel: What it is and how this technique can help your business? 3

This method is based on simultaneous interconnection, using several communication channels, to bring the connections between online and offline closer.

Omnichannel is a word the came from Latin, where “Omni” means “all” or “total”, and “channel” comes from English. However, Omnichannel is a strategy using all kind of customer service channels at the same time.

In the past, the companies used to use only one kind of customer service, and the customer needed to have the attitude to start the contact, which could be by e-mail, telephone, or support from the webpage.

In this manner, the customer service becomes faster, reducing the repetition of useless procedures, but despite seeming, Omnichannel is different from multichannel.

Multichannel offers several options to the customer to contact. What makes Omnichannel different is that the multichannel customer service is not centralized.

If the customer needs to access the customer service in a multichannel way, and he/she needs to contact using another channel, it will be necessary to have a new registration, and this can jeopardize the customer’s experience because the company has these data in another channel somehow.

How does Omnichannel work?

Omnichannel is interconnected, making the customer’s experience unique, and customized, no matter which channel the customer is using.

In this method, when the customer starts the contact using his/her preferred customer service, the data are collected and sent to the software, that will keep and organize all these data.

With the data stored, the company can generate the history of the customer services provided to its customer, all the attendants have access to these data, no matter what channel is, which makes the customer service aware of the information needed to be solved.

Besides saving a lot of time for the customer service department, increasing productivity, it’s also a good way to analyze these data with more precision.

Omnichannel Benefits

With a completely integrated platform, the company can offer a unique and agile experience to its customer, because it’s connected, and the customer can start one attendance in one channel and finish in another, for example.

All this can increase the company’s customer satisfaction because it shows dedication to him/her.

When many customers must contact the customer service, they change the communication channel many times, because, if they are not allowed to use the telephone in this channel, for example, they can use e-mail or one ticket through the Internet.

Omnichannel offers continuous attendance because the channels are interconnected, and the information is shared.

Omnichannel offline

There’s no Omnichannel offline, now that Omnichannel is an integration of different customer services. This method connects both online and offline with the purpose to provide a unique experience to the customer.

So, when it comes to offline omnichannel it’s just part of the strategy that it’s not connected to the internet.

Applying Omnichannel to your business will need a deep analysis of your company’s persona, to customize the customer experience according to their preferences.

After defining the persona and creating the atmosphere for a customized customer experience, the company will need software to centralize and manage all this information, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a great alternative for this kind of management.

Improving communication with the public is important nowadays, especially in this social network era.

Knowing how to communicate is essential to attract and keep customers in your base, that’s why you need to know Omnichannel: what it is and how it works is very important to your business.

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