What is Take Blip WhatsApp? Does it work? Find out now!



Take Blip is a system with many specific tools that enable the creation, publication, integration, and management of chatbots, like bot analytics and artificial intelligence.

Recognize what is Take Blip WhatsApp, and the differences compared to other tools will make it easier to define a chatbot tool for your business.

In this article, we will review what is Take Blip WhatsApp, and what are the advantages for those who will acquire this tool.

Advantages of Take Blip WhatsApp

what is take blip whatsapp
What is Take Blip WhatsApp? Does it work? Find out now! 3

Take Blip WhatsApp and chatbots?

On the Take Blip platform, a business professional person can be focused on metrics and data analysis, because this platform provides the needed tools to make this happen in a simple and uncomplicated way.

Among all chatbots tools, there’s one feature that stands out, which is the delegation extension. Through this feature is possible to permit other people to send messages on behalf of the bot.

The platform also ensures that the team keeps engaged in the construction and evolution of the chatbot by using the extensions that operate like a plug-in that receives commands.

Take blip WhatsApp in attendance

Take Blip WhatsApp intensifies the customer service, making the processes faster and better, besides helping the communication between the team and RH.

System agility and efficiency are driven by many factors. Pattern recognition is one of those factors, and it is performed with help of a conversation manager, that is based on the regular expressions previously defined.

These rules are very accurate, and they allow to change this information to enhance the system.

Take Blip WhatsApp in transport and logistics processes

●  Use the platform to transform any kind of operation.

●  The entry, exit, and movement of management personnel, data, and cargo. In the process, the communication is centralized for different public and points, and it can propose or share information, indicator, and travel status with flexibility.

●  The company increased efficiency and improved end-to-end work.

●      Improve customer service and operational efficiency through a single platform.

Take Blip WhatsApp and the customer experience in digital channels

From initial conversation to After-sales, manage the communication process and support the applications the customer already uses. Count on the stability provided by Take Blip which itself creates campaigns with many messages and interactions.

Monitor demands, confirm transactions, track order delivery, and sell 24/7.

Take blip WhatsApp cases

One of the most famous cases of Take Blip WhatsApp is from Casas Bahia. In this occasion, it was created a chatbot of Casas Bahia on Facebook Messenger. In the Black Friday campaign of 2017, more than 77 thousand people interacted with a bot.

This number keeps on growing nowadays, some of them are:

●  More than 2.600 new accounts;

●  More than 4.000 new bots;

●  More than 150,000 messages sent monthly;

●      More than 100,000 unique users are involved monthly.

How much does take blip WhatsApp plan cost?

The plan is divided into two: business and enterprise.


●  Limited up to 2.200 customers per month;

●  Unlimited accounts on the platform.

●  Artificial intelligence;

●  Support during business hours only;

●  WhatsApp API;

●  Blip Desk (with unlimited attendants);

●  95% SLA guarantee (Commitment to quality and availability of service on the Blip platform);

●      Price: BRL 1,980.00/month.


●  As from 10,000 customers.

●  Blip Desk (with unlimited attendants);

●  WhatsApp API;

●  99.5% SLA guarantee (Commitment to quality and availability of service on the Blip platform);

●  Support 24/7;

●  Artificial intelligence;

●      Price: only negotiate with the support team.

Is Take blip WhatsApp worth the investment?

To choose Take Blip WhatsApp will depend on the number of customer service that you have, and what is your goal.

In comparison with Movidesk, Take Blip WhatsApp is more focused on creating chatbots, that can be both applied for customers or the member of the company.

For customer service, a specific one can be created for the Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, through the WhatsApp API.

If your business is a small company with a relevant number of people on your team or many customers, it may be the moment to contract Take Blip.

Understanding what Take Blip WhatsApp is, will help you choose the best platform for customer service and communication in your company, and one of the differentials from Take Blip is to create a customized chatbot for each situation.

Did you like this review about Take Blip? Do you believe it would be the ideal choice for your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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