[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial



This article is for you who want to know about the WhatsApp with multiple users, the installation process, and settings.

Understand how the existing possibilities in the market work, and if they fulfill what they promised as well as the benefits of each for your business.

WhatsApp with multiple users
[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial 5

About WhatsApp

In previous articles, we have already mentioned that WhatsApp is the messenger app with more users in the world.

And it is among the 10 most used social networks in our country, behind only: Facebook and Youtube.

With amazing data, the application is not only applied for personal use but is also widely used in the commercial area.

Note that it’s very difficult to find, some store, website, company that does not have WhatsApp as contact channel.

The application has already undergone several upgrades and optimizations, to reach the level of quality it delivers nowadays.

Your test team is aware of the needs of your users.

Many platforms can allow the use of multiple WhatsApp users.

We will list a few frequently asked questions that users have about how to do this integration.

How to use WhatsApp with multiple users?

Unfortunately, it is still not possible to put WhatsApp for multiple users for free.

However, there are a few options that allow you to use WhatsApp on more than one pc and take a test before hiring the tool.

What you can do is connect your WhatsApp on simultaneous devices through the web option.

After clicking on this option, you click on connect a device.

This way you can log into your WhatsApp wherever you want, just scan the code through your smartphone.

[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial 2
[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial 6

WhatsApp multiple users

As said before, it is not possible to use a system for WhatsApp multiple users for free yet.

But we have listed some platforms that offer this service:


Reference company in the segment, and the recommendation Tudo pra Whats. It has many features that help businesses of all sizes.

It stands out for being one of the few systems that offer apps for Android or iOS.

The platform offers a free trial for new users who want to know the service (click here for the free trial).


This platform has features like automated messages, customizable reports, annotations, and tags in conversations with customers, which are very practical.

To learn more about the plans and values, you must quickly complete a form, and so receive a proposal directly on your WhatsApp.

Some large companies use this platform in their business, such as Natura, Sococo, J.Simões Engenharia.


Created to make your routine easier, this platform has simple configurations and has specialized support to serve you in the best possible way.

This platform has an application on the Android system.

Its prices come with all the services available, what varies is the contracting time.

Whether monthly, biannual, or annual.

A discount is offered, depending on the period you wish to contract the services of this platform.

The difference is that you can use it on your computers, only with Windows system and the mobile way, only available for Android system.


As with other platforms that offer multiple users for WhatsApp integration, you integrate your WhatsApp into the platform system.

Ihelp has a difference from the other platforms mentioned.

In this tool is included a service called: sales recovery.

You will need to connect to one of the payment platforms: Eduzz, Hotmart, Monetizze, or Iugu.

In each of these, it’s possible to schedule a message for your sales team to send to your customers.

With this, your team will be organized and in communication with customers who: have not paid the tickets, had problems approving the card, or even offer another product to a customer who has just finished a purchase.

It is possible to send all types of files on this platform: audio, photos, documents.

All very similar to WhatsApp Web, so that the experience of your sales team is the best possible.

Some companies that use this platform are: Lojas Lívia Cosméticos, NetJacareí, Hospital de Câncer de Barretos.

WhatsApp Business multiple users

Yes, most of the platforms we list are compatible with WhatsApp Business, where it is possible to use it on more than one pc.

They are created with an interface very similar to WhatsApp Web, so that the customer is faster when using the control panel, which varies, depending on the platform contracted.

For being used to it, your sales team gains agility in their attendance, thus increasing the chances of closing negotiation.

Simultaneous attendance on WhatsApp

More and more companies are looking for ways to be closer to their customers.

Understanding them is the main factor for you to develop efficient strategies in your approaches.

To be able to use the WhatsApp integration, multiple users, you must choose a platform that best meets your need and your team, be it: sales, finance, or support.

Each platform, according to its control panel, has services to offer an efficient, agile, and quality service.

The multiple services on WhatsApp are possible by the services of the acquired platform.

Since most of the service is done through a single WhatsApp number.

It’s recommended to research the plan that each platform has.


Carefully evaluate the platform you want to contract, and the plans offered.

If possible, watch the reviews of people using each platform, so you can see what the control panel looks like.

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[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial 2
[2023] WhatsApp with multiple users, is it possible? Complete tutorial 7

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