[2023] WhatsApp multiple attendants for free: find out the 4 best systems.



It’s not new that WhatsApp is becoming a widely used application to attend customers.

More than ever, people are changing from traditional landlines to mobile phones and all operators offer voice packages with unlimited plans.

Even so, no one wants to spend money on different appliances to attend to their customer base.

That’s why in this article, you will know how to obtain the integration of WhatsApp multiple attendants.


WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world, it has around 2 billion users in more than 180 countries.

Every day, millions of people exchange messages with this app.

To meet all this client base is interesting that you have multiple attendants to use just one WhatsApp.

But that doesn’t mean you need to buy other phones or contract a landline service.

You only need to use one WhatsApp Business account. Today, several tools in the market make this integration with multiple attendants.

Below, we made a little list of platforms that make the integration of WhatsApp multiple attendants.

WhatsApp multiple attendants.
[2023] WhatsApp multiple attendants for free: find out the 4 best systems. 4

List of platforms to use WhatsApp multiple attendants.

Most of these platforms have services such as Multi-Service, Customized Reports with Dashboard, Organization of Departments, Quick Answers, among others.

Each platform has its price list, for the number of attendants that you want.

Stay tuned when searching and see what are the best options for you to use WhatsApp with simultaneous attendants.

Chatsac – Best choice

Company located in the State of RS with robust software that allows you to easily use multiple attendants.

You can test the free limited version of Chatsac before you contract the service.

After testing, you will have several options of plans according to your business profile.


Located in São Paulo, this Startup doubled its business in 2020 and continues to expand.

This platform allows you to attach and upload photos, videos, audio, and documents.

The message history is permanent so that your attendants do not miss any messages with customers.

The prices of the plans of this platform vary monthly, biannual, and annual.

The plans are Lake, River, Sea, and Ocean.

The River plan that has integration with WhatsApp, if you choose to pay monthly, comes out around BRL 399.00.

It offers other services such as customized automation, chatbots, WhatsApp API compatibility.

Choosing to use the biannual or annual plan, the price changes, be aware of it.


ChatPro does not have plans that vary according to specific services for multiple attendants on WhatsApp.

They have a plan that already includes 2 users for BRL 199.00/month.

In case that you wish to increase the number of your attendants

You must pay an extra price.

●  From 1 to 5 additional users, BRL 38.00/month

●  From 6 to 15 additional users, BRL 34.00/month

●  From 16 to 50 additional users, BRL 30.00/month

For a quantity above 50 users, it is necessary to contact the ChatPro team.

The free trial lasts 7 days and within that time, the support team gives you all the support to explain the tools and clarify all your questions about the platform.

Zap Único

Zap Único is one of these platforms that aims to facilitate communication between the company and the customer

Its differential is to integrate WhatsApp multiple attendants. It’s not necessary to download WhatsApp Business, you can use the platform with the standard WhatsApp Messenger.

They have 3 plans: basic, professional, and business.

●      Basic

This plan costs BRL 69.90/month for one user. Functions included: unlimited messages, dashboards, and messaging shortcuts.

●      Professional

This plan costs BRL 149.90/month for 5 users. Functions included: Unlimited messaging, chatbot, chat import, dashboards, departments, messaging shortcut, and installation support.

●      Business

This specific plan is customized, as requested by the client, being able to customize all the functions that cover the professional plan.

For this reason, there’s no fixed price. It’s necessary to contact the Zap Único team.

The free trial for plans lasts 5 days.

Is it possible to have WhatsApp multiple attendants for free?

According to our research, several platforms allow you to use a free trial version.

From what these several platforms offer, it’s a little difficult to find something for free permanently, for the cost that each one has.

We suggest you check each platform pages carefully, official channels on Youtube, contact the sales team, and choose the one that best fits to improve your service.

WhatsApp Business multiple attendants

Some platforms only make this integration through WhatsApp Business.

It has more functions than WhatsApp Messenger, which well explored, can contribute to the promotion of your business and the service of your customers.

Did you like this article? Are you going to use the WhatsApp integration in your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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