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WhatsApp became very popular in the past few years, both with its standard and business versions. Currently, WhatsApp exceeded 2 billion users around the world.

Considering that we have almost 8 billion people around the world, WhatsApp has almost 25% of the world population in its platform.

Today we are going to learn how to backup to Google Drive. After all, it’s billions of messages per day.

Why backing up to Google Drive?

WhatsApp comes with a standard backup configuration. You chose the frequency and the app keeps on storing your back on the app.

Even though it’s a positive thing, you can access your backup even when you are offline.

However, if something happens to your device, you can simply lose all your chat records.

As many people work using WhatsApp, it is necessary to have a daily backup of your work. Many important information is in the chat.

Once it is lost, it can become a breakdown to the company.

That’s why it’s important to have an alternative option to back up in the cloud, like Google Drive.

How to backup to Google Drive

Step 1— Options

[2023] How to backup to Google Drive 2
[2023] How to backup to Google Drive 4

Click on the “3 dots” button, to show some options.

Step 2— Configuration

[2023] How to backup to Google Drive 3
[2023] How to backup to Google Drive 5

Click on the “configuration” button, to show more options.

Step 3 — Chats

Click on the “chats” button, to show the configuration of your chat record.

Step 4 — Backup

Click on the “Chat backup” button, to show backup configurations.

Step 5 — Frequency

Click on the “Back up to Google Drive” button, to define the frequency of your backups.

The options are: only when I tap “Back up”, daily, weekly, monthly. All will depend on the chat flow that you have on your device.

If it’s a considerable flow, daily backup is recommended. If it’s a low flow, a weekly backup can be enough. In case of doubts, chose daily backup.

Step 6 – Account

Click on “Google account” to define what is your backup account. If you are already logged in to your account, WhatsApp will show the accounts that are logged in as an option.

Step 7 — videos

Click on the “include videos” button to enable videos backup, if necessary. Otherwise, you can keep this option disabled.

All set, now your backup will be performed, and if you lose or break your cell phone somehow, you can log in to WhatsApp and restore your WhatsApp backup to Google Drive. The restore option will appear.

How to transfer the backup to Google Drive

The easiest way to transfer or restore your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive is to log in on another device. You will need to have two devices.

Step 1 – Repeat the tutorial.

Using the device that you want to copy your backup, repeat the tutorial above. However, instead of defining a backup frequency, click on “Back Up” button.

At this moment, WhatsApp will start the configuration and back up process.

Step 2 — On the second device.

On the second device, which you will transfer your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive, log in to your Google account normally and download WhatsApp.

Step 3 — All new.

On the second device, after downloading WhatsApp, you will log in normally like it was a new device. It will appear a WhatsApp message asking if you want to restore your backup.

Click on “restore”, and now you only must wait for your data to be transferred from Google Drive to your new device.

It’s done! Now your backup was transferred from one smartphone to another in a very simple way.

How to find your backup to Google Drive

WhatsApp backup to Google Drive is hidden, making it impossible to access your backup and check all your chats.

When you access the configuration area of your Google Drive, the most that you can do is disconnect your WhatsApp from Google Drive. Just that and nothing else.

If you want to access your chats, you will need to export your chats individually, but this is a topic for another day.

Take advantage and find out how to access 2 WhatsApp on the same smartphone.

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