[2023] How to back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android



If you decided to leave the apple brand and decided to take chances on the most popular operating system, Android, you wonder how to transfer your back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

Apple is the most smartphone brand. After all, it has created what we call a smartphone.

The iOS (Apple system) is very restricted, and cannot have a connection to other systems. However, we from Tudo Pra Whats team will show you how to back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android.

Why can’t I transfer my back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android directly?

[2023] How to back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android 2
[2023] How to back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android 3

The problem that makes the backup transfer from iPhone to Android impossible and vice-versa is due to the cryptography of each system.

Iphone uses iCloud to save its backups by default.

Therefore, even if you save your iCloud backup, transfer it to your Android smartphone, try to recover this backup, the Android WhatsApp won’t recognize the file cryptography.

All this complicates the lives of those who want to change the operating system. However, there’s no simple method or native way to make these backups possible between the systems (Android and iOS).

There’s some free alternative.

How to transfer my back up WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

The only things that you will be able to export from the Google Drive of your iPhone are contacts, agenda, photos, and video.

The only palliative option to transfer from iPhone WhatsApp backup to Android is exporting chats.

Keep in mind that by exporting chats, you will need to do each process one by one, and saving on Google Drive, however, you won’t have the possibility to import those chats on your Android WhatsApp.

Importing the chats, you will have a txt file, where you can search for your chat registers.

Step 1

Access WhatsApp using your iPhone and tap contact or group that you wish to export the chat.

Step 2

Click on the “3 dots” button to open more options.

Step 3

Select “Export Chat” to start the exportation process.

Step 4

Tap “include media” if you want to export videos, audio, and images from the chat. If you don’t want to export media, select “without media”.

Step 5

Chose which app you will save the file. If it will be by e-mail, Google Drive, or another App.

It’s done! Your chat was exported. You only need to do the same process for those chats that you want to export now.

Unfortunately, cryptography blocks the communication between both systems.

If you want, you can choose for paid software to make this kind of transfer.

Two of the most famous software are mobile trans and Dr fone.

Know how to back up to Google Drive

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