[2023] WhatsApp Business: how to use it?



WhatsApp is the App with more users today, there are billions of users. Being the sweetheart in Brazil, WhatsApp made its business version in 2018.

WhatsApp Business is the commercial version of the app, you can find a lot of advantages for small companies to communicate.

You will know everything about WhatsApp Business in this post, how to use it, its advantages, how to download.

How does WhatsApp Business work?

[2023] WhatsApp Business: how to use it? 2
[2023] WhatsApp Business: how to use it? 3

WhatsApp Business allows a company to create a commercial profile inside of the app, adding important information, that makes the communication between the company and customer easier.

WhatsApp Business: two kinds

According to WhatsApp, there are two categories of the business account, a standard business account, which is only necessary to download the app, and then you have the access to it. The official commercial account, an account with a verified badge.

This badge is only available for those well-known companies because the standard business can’t request to be verified yet.

WhatsApp Business – price

Although WhatsApp Business has a lot of advantages for entrepreneurs, services providers, and local companies, it is free for companies, without any financial compensation.

WhatsApp Business on two cell phones

Having two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone will allow you to separate your personal account from your business account, for example.

Separating your chats from each other, when you are online from your personal account, you won’t have problems when somebody tries to contact you.

How to do it?

Important: Before trying to access your account, or if you need to uninstall your account from another device, back up your data, to not lose your chat history.

WhatsApp doesn’t have an official way to use two accounts on the same device.

The only official way to make it happen would be using the WhatsApp Business and the standard WhatsApp, having one account for each App.

You can find WhatsApp Business at Play Store.

After downloading, it’s just necessary to register normally, like a standard WhatsApp, and it’s done. You can use both accounts separately on the same device.

Some smartphones brands like Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei, and some others have a native way to clone Apps.

However, if you don’t have any of those devices, you can have the WhatsApp Business on two cell phones through Parallel Space.

WhatsApp Business on two cell phones:  Parallel Space

Step 1 – Downloading

Download Parallel Space App at Play Store and wait for the installation process to be concluded. Image how to have 2 WhatsApp on the same cell phone.

Step 2 – Terms

Agree to the App terms to access it. Image how to have 2 WhatsApp on the same cell phone with different numbers.

Step 3 – Continue

Click on “Continue” to access the App. Image hora to have 2 WhatsApp.

Step 4 – Storage

Allow the App to have access to your media, photos, and files from your device. Image how to have 2 WhatsApp on the same cell phone with different numbers.

Step 5 – Phone calls

Allow the App to manage and make phone calls.

Step 6 – Location

Allow the App to have access to your device location.

Step 7 – Starting

Click on “start”, to finally start using.

Step 8 – Select WhatsApp

Define the App you want to clone, in this case, WhatsApp.

Step 9 – More permissions

To make the App running more fluidly, allow Parallel Space to have access to some smartphone logs.

Step 10 – 64-bits

If you have WhatsApp 64-bits, you must follow these steps, if not, skip to step 12. Click to install Parallel Space 64-bits Support.

Step 11 – More permissions

Return to the main Parallel Space App, and provide permissions for storage, phone calls, location to the Parallel Space 64-bits App.

Step 12 – WhatsApp

After providing all those permissions, WhatsApp App will finally open, and you only need to “agree and continue”.

Step 13 – Number

Inform the account number that you want to clone, click on “advance” and follow the instructions on your screen normally.

For this reason, it’s very important for you as a company to have access to WhatsApp Business, because it will make the communication between the company and the customer easier, making everything easier for sales.

Take advantage and read 7 tips to sell more using WhatsApp Business.

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