What is Rapport? 7 steps to sell more.



There’s a big bias about sales, mainly in Brazil, that sales are something boring and take something from you.

When we see a seller, we prefer to avoid him/her, thinking that this person is a villain, however, it’s not like that.

The sales process is an exchange between two people, where both wins, it’s a win-win operation.

If the person takes distance from a seller, this person probably doesn’t know what is rapport, and how it can benefit more the sales results.

Rapport is connection

What is Rapport? 7 steps to sell more. 1
What is Rapport? 7 steps to sell more. 2

Have you ever realized that we see different kinds of people every day, some are outgoings, others are more introverted, however, others go over.

There are some people that you have just met and with a quick conversation, you feel comfortable with this person, more than many of your friends. That’s it, this connection is rapport.

But what does rapport mean?

What does Rapport mean?

Rapport is the French expression “rapporter”, which means “establish a relationship”. Although it seems like the Portuguese word “repórter”, there’s no connection between the profession and the psychological technique.

This psychological technique is used to establish a connection with another person by creating empathy. This empathy will make the person create less resistance and feel more comfortable talking to you.

Many professionals of seduction use rapport to succeed when they approach their future partners. It’s often used by sales professionals to close more sales.

How can this psychological technique increase your sales?

If rapport is a technique to create empathy, sympathy, or harmony with another person, it’s easy to close a sale with the person who already has this connection, than to close a sale with a person who doesn’t know you or, doesn’t take to you.

That’s why it’s important to know what is rapport.

It doesn’t mean that you must agree with your customer in everything, however, concerning you, it will be necessary more confidence and receptivity from the person’s side.

It does not just create a connection between you and the customer, but an exchange, where the customer creates a connection with you as well, otherwise, only you will believe that you are impressing, while you are acting so boring.

But how to use this the rapport in the right way?

Rapport techniques, 7 steps to increase your sales

To establish a rapport of quality, and make a person to be very connected to you, it’s important to pay attention to some steps.

Step 1 — Eye contact

People that don’t have eye contact, usually show some lack of confidence by the other person, even if the person is not bad.

Maybe is just a matter of shyness and the person ends up showing the wrong impression that he/she doesn’t want proximity.

And if you want to establish a rapport, the closer to the person you want to be, right? This means, whenever it’s possible, keep eye contact with your customer or lead.

Step 2— Name

Calling the person by his/her name may be a little silly, however, people indeed care when they are called by their names.

Then, when you start a conversation, ask the person’s name, and call by the name whenever you can.

Step 3 — Smile

No one deserves a grouchy seller, right? If the person is not happy with selling the product, the person who will buy the product may be afraid, when seeing a frowned and moody face.

In addition to that, the smile is a good strategy to break the ice, so, enjoy while there’s no tax for a smile.

Step 4 — Patience is a virtue

Many people are used to be short-tempered, but you as a seller, cannot be impatient with your customer or prospect, nor with the people that you need to talk to.

It’s not just because you want to talk to the president of the company that you will treat the secretary coldly and calculated.

Treat all the people the same way you would treat your customer.

Step 5 — Compliment, no excesses

Who doesn’t like to be complimented, right? This strokes anyone’s ego, therefore, take the opportunity to do it whenever you can by complimenting the person for what he/she said or his/her attitude.

If you can be specific in the compliment, it will have more effect, otherwise, it will seem like a boring seller.

Step 6 — Research

This is one of the main steps. Research about the person, check his/her social networks, check what he/she likes to post, political and ideological views.

This will make the connection to the other person easier.

If you are going to talk to someone who you know nothing about, It’s going to be harder to make a connection between both of you.

Step 7 — Mirror

This is one of the most powerful techniques inside of rapport, some professionals describe it as mirroring only.

In this strategy you will repeat the person’s gestures, even the voice tone you will keep on the same level but be careful to not imitate much and the person notices.

Be as natural as you can, when you least expect, the person will be comfortable with you, which will make the sales process easier.

Have you realized that sales are not about the financial process? It’s not only the seller who wins the money when the product is good and the connection to the seller is good, but the sales are also the consequence of the established connection.

After knowing what rapport is, you won’t be stuck in those sales with a short deadline.

How many times have you returned to that place just because you were well assisted by one seller?

That means, a well-done rapport with a customer, cannot bring you a sale only, but many future sales, because the customer realized that you’re not there just to sell, but worried to assist him/her very well.

Always pay attention to not have a mechanic rapport. Even though rapport is a technique, you cannot seem like a robot, doing everything calculated.

Now that you understand that sale is much more than just a financial operation, you know what is rapport and know how to apply the techniques to increase more your sales. Learn how to sell using WhatsApp

Tell us if you already have used rapport and what step you want to apply first.

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