What is Polichat? Does it work? Read this before choosing



Polichat is a platform with the purpose to improve quality customer service. For this to happen, Polichat centralizes the services channels.

Knowing what is Polichat and how it works, is essential to understand and choose the ideal customer service tool for your business.

In this article, we will talk about what is Polichat, how it works, and if it’s the most adequate tool to enhance your customer service.

What is Polichat?

what is polichat
What is Polichat? Does it work? Read this before choosing 3

Polichat is a customer service tool created in 2018. Its main purpose is to help small and medium companies to enhance their services, making them faster and more efficient.

Nowadays, Polichat is one of the 10 best Startups of Goiás and it was chosen by experts as one of the 50 startups that change Brazil.

Why using Polichat?

There are many reasons for using the Polichat tool. According to studies from customers that already used the platform, it’s possible to increase sales by 20% using this software.

More than 150 million users are on Facebook and WhatsApp, which are potential customers for your business. Most of these people prefer using WhatsApp for buying products and services.

Most of the businesses that sells using WhatsApp as the main tool are small and medium companies. Even though the tool was not made for sales, the customers prefer using it because they can track their purchases.

With Polichat, you can make several calls, with several attendants at the same WhatsApp, Facebook, or chat from your website. All of these can be allocated by department and automation to make the service more agile.

Polichat benefits

One of the main goals of Polichat is to centralize the customer service on a single platform to facilitate communication management, in addition to the service and follow-up channels.

Service channel

Now that you can centralize your main services channels: centralize WhatsApp, Facebook, and “Chat on your website” in one place to enhance the service efficiency.

Track your team in real-time

Easily understand the performance of your team, how many calls are made, how long it takes and who is the best in your team.

Centralized call

Centralize your services in one WhatsApp account, so you can have several agents, distribute, and create portfolios system across departments.

Official solution

In 2020, Polichat also became an official WhatsApp API billing agent, Business Solution, facilitating the process of registering official numbers, the famous verification badge.

This partnership has the main goal to strengthen even more the use of WhatsApp for medium and large companies.

Through the API of WhatsApp Business, there’s the possibility to answer those customers who contacted your number and notify those who permitted your company.

Polichat Features

WhatsApp Features

Centralize services with one  WhatsApp number, with the advantages, of having several attendants, distributing across departments, and creating a portfolio system.

Facebook Features

Integrate your Facebook page into Polichat System and support your customers with the possibility of having several attendants simultaneously.

Chat on your website

With Polichat you can add a chat to your website and talk to the customers who are visiting it.


It’s possible to perform initial service through Chatbots, directing to a department or attendant, providing answers for basic questions.

As a result, the attendants have more time to be focused on other activities, increasing their productivity.

API for messages

Integrate the platform with your system and send messages through WhatsApp, Facebook, or your website.

Cloud service

If you don’t want or you cannot have a dedicated cell phone for WhatsApp only, it’s possible to have your server in our cloud and increase more the efficiency of your operation.


Do not get lost in the middle of your conversation. Organize your chats using tags to easily identify your conversations.


At the end of the conversation with your prospect, automatically store the evaluation, which can be in several ways, such as starts, questions, or NPS.


Perform settings for a customer to always be supported by the same attendant and increase the relationship between them so that sales occur more easily.


Sell and receive payment via WhatsApp, Facebook, or Webchat! Configure your catalog, integrate with PagSeguro and track all your company sales simply and easily, without transaction limits.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Polichat?

Polichat has the main plan, which is professional, that can be added to different channels and more users, depending on each situation.

Professional Plan

●  API Facebook / WhatsApp

●  WhatsApp

●  Chat for website

●  Facebook

●  PoliPay (Sales and Payment System)

●  No limit for inbound conversations*

●  3 users

●  Self-service

●  Complete reports

●  Tags

●  Departments

●  Online training

●  Online support

●      Price: BRL 439.70/month

For any additional user, BRL 69,90 is added to the final price, and for any added service channel, BRL 119.90 is added to the final price.

Is it worth acquiring from Polichat?

The platform Polichat is a system that allows small and medium companies to save time in their services, and consequently increasing their productivity, avoiding wasting customer services hours with basic questions.

And with the possibility to centralize all information in the cloud.

The plans are affordable, mainly for small and medium businesses. If you opt for the basic plan, each user will cost BRL 146.57, because includes 3 users.

That’s why understanding Polichat is important to choose the best customer service platform.

For this reason, Polichat is worth it, if you already have recurrent sales using WhatsApp, now that the values are affordable, however, there are cheaper options like Multi 360.

Always evaluate the qualities and features of each platform to choose the most adequate to your goal.

Did you like this review about Polichat? Do you believe it would be a good platform for your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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