What is NPS? How to turbocharge your attendance with this tool



Knowing what is NPS , can improve your attendance a lot, adding more value to your business.

One of the ways to add more value to your customer is offering an attendance with quality.

Many people define sales as an exchange of any product or service for money, but sales are more than that.

Sales are also adding value to your customer because the customer needs to see a bigger value in the acquired product or service.

Otherwise, the customer will keep his/her money saved.

In this post, we will know the necessary about what is NPS and how to turbocharger your business.

What does NPS mean?

What is NPS? How to turbocharge your attendance with this tool 2
What is NPS? How to turbocharge your attendance with this tool 3

The acronym NPS (Net Promoter Score), is a free translation that means “average score of indication”.

This methodology was cataloged by the researcher Fred Reichheld, in 2003, in a magazine of Harvard.

This system is a metric that appeared to measure customer satisfaction, with a simple question: “Would you recommend us to a friend?”

What is NPS for?

The Net Promoter Score is the most complete satisfaction survey that exists.

This kind of survey may have some variation, however, the NPS reduces this margin, for being unique and objective, making it easier for the customer to be assertive in his/her answers.

NPS can measure customer satisfaction more accurately, with these data in hand. It’s possible to measure the number of customers that are more involved and the number of those who are dissatisfied.

Identifying these customers, the company can implement improvements in its products or even change the target public, depending on the answer of your public.

All this contributes to the relationship of the company with the customer, adds more value each day, and create loyalty to the customer.

How does NPS work?

Net Promoter Score consists of asking one question: “On a scale from 0 to 10, how much would you recommend to a friend?”

This question allows the company to evaluate customer satisfaction in an uncomplicated way.

The higher is the score, it means that the customer trusts in the company to the point of indicating to a friend.

The score levels are divided into 3 different groups, which are:


In this group are represented those customers that are unhappy with the product or service, and they only see a small value in the product.

The score levels for detractors go from 0 to 6.

In this group, the customers can bring troubles to the company, because they will probably take a lot of time of your support team, be with complaints or doubts.


In this group are represented those customers that are not involved with the company but are satisfied with the product or service.

Despite being happy, they are not used to recommend your product. The score levels for Neutral goes from 7 to 8.


In this group are represented those customers that are involved with the company. In this group, the customer sees a lot of value in the product, and he/she is used to recommending the product constantly.

The score levels for Promoters go from 9 to 10.

The promoters are not used to changing his/her products for the competitors, just because of the price drop. It’s important to perpetuate this relationship with the promoter customer, for him/her to indicate your product more and more.

How to calculate NPS?

To calculate NPS we are going to use one example of 100 answers, being 60 who are promoters, 20 detractors, and 20 neutral.

The calculation will be like that:

% Promoters – % Detractors = NPS

60% Promoters – 20% Detractors = 40%

In this case, the NPS would be 40%

To know if your NPS have a good level, follow the parameters below:

Bad NPS: from -100 to -1

Good NPS: from 0 to 49

Very good NPS: from 50 to 74

Excellent NPS: from 75 to 100

It’s necessary for a constant follow-up in the answers. Always search for the NPS average of the area of your company.

All this supervision will help to improve the relationship with your customer, generating improvements to your products and sales support process. That’s why it’s important to know everything about NPS. What it is and how to perform a better attendance.

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