[2023] What is a Call Center, and its importance for customer service



Everybody has already received some phone call from them, they come out of the blue, when you least expect, you receive a phone call with the code area 011.

Yes, that’s true, the Call Center agents.

Have you ever wondered what is a Call Center, what is its function inside of a company? They are usually ignored, but they are exalted nowadays.

In this post, you will learn what is a Call Center and what it’s for.

A short overview of the Call Center history

[2023] What is a Call Center, and its importance for customer service 1
[2023] What is a Call Center, and its importance for customer service 4

Before knowing what is a Call Center, we need to get back in time to understand this history. It all started in the last century with a Danish mathematician named Agner Krarup Erland.

To make it easier, let’s call Agner. Agner didn’t have an easy childhood, he lived with his brothers in a small town located in Denmark’s countryside.

When he was 16 years old, he was able to join the University of Copenhagen to study math, getting there, Agner won a scholarship, and he concluded his studies in 1901.

But, what on Earth does Agner have to do with the definition of Call Center?

Agner was the first person to study phone networks and their problems. As well as being a mathematician, he was also an engineer and statistician.

After a lot of studies in a small village, Agner succeeded in his first own formula: the Erlang formula.

This formula had the goal to calculate the fraction of calls from people outside of the village.

Some years later, Agner was a guy with a lot of contacts, so he talked to a friend from a phone company in Copenhagen and he started to put his formula into practice.

A few decades later, the Call Center companies are still based on the Erlang formula. Well, if you receive calls from a Call Center operator, even if it’s inconvenient sometimes, thank Agner.

What is a Call Center?

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[2023] What is a Call Center, and its importance for customer service 5

Call Center, or in our Portuguese, Central de Atendimento, is a department inside of the company to make and receive phone calls, seeking to be the bridge between the customer and the company.

Call Center and Telemarketing are not the same, we will explain furthermore the reason of this difference.

However, in advance, telemarketing is an outbound attendance, while Call Center is a customer service that can also be passive.

Whats is the Call Center function?

Call Center is responsible for creating business opportunities, maintaining, and stabilizing the image of a company, as it represents the company in contact with the customer.

During the Call Center routine, reports are issued from time to time to assist in the continuous development of the company and its products and services.

Among various Call Center services, there are customer service, billing office, etc. However, this is just a small part of the Call Center functions.

What is an inbound Call Center?

Inbound Call Center, as per its name, receives phone calls which meant that the customer contacts the company.  That’s why it is called the Inbound Call Center.

An inbound Call Center can work in different ways, like these kinds of services:

●  Help Desk Support

●  Customer service

●  Government service to the population

●  Tech support

●  E-commerce telesales

●      After-sales

In the inbound service it’s easier to sell because the customer starts the contact, demonstrating interest in the product or service.

Tech support is different, because the customer is calling to solve a problem, and it’s necessary to be a little careful when a problem need to be solved and meet the customer’s need.

What is an outbound Call Center?

Outbound Call Center is when the company starts the contact to the customer, that’s why is called “outbound”. It can be considered telemarketing in some cases, but not for all situations.

Some of the Outbound Call Center functions are:

●  Sales

●  Market research

●      Billing

Despite the generation of the internet, and social networks, the Call Center is still very important for companies.

The service is essential for the company to make a positive after-sale and be well evaluated by its customer.

Starting a customer service needs a lot of work for your team to provide high-quality service. Many companies prefer to outsource services to companies like Atento and A Liq(Antiga Contax).

Tech support is an example, when performed with skill, probably that customer who was attended, will go back to buy more products or services of the company.

Now that you realized that your company has many customers, maybe this is the right moment to implement or outsource a Call Center.

Now that you know what a Call Center is, take advantage and know how to use WhatsApp Business on more than a PC.

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