What is a Bot? Find out how to streamline your attendance



Customer service is one way to make your customer loyal and make him/her stay longer in your base, increasing more sales. The bot can be used to automate parts of this process.

For that reason, understanding what is a bot can make your attendance much faster, saving the time of your customer service team.The word bot is derived from English, it is the acronym of the word robot.

This robot or bot is software created to represent human attitudes, like a predetermined script.

What is a Bot?

what is a bot
What is a Bot? Find out how to streamline your attendance 3

Bots, also known as virtual robots, are systems operated through the Internet, with infinite possibilities, and performing some repetitive tasks.

This kind of system doesn’t need a follow-up for the automation to happen. It’s only necessary to install and start. The commands will be performed according to the kind of software that you will choose.

With the advance of technology, this kind of software is becoming more popular in the business environment. Chatbots were tendency in 2020, and it promises much more for the years to come.

According to Chatbots Magazine research, almost 69% of the customers prefer to be attended by bots to solve quick questions.

What is a bot for?

Quick processes

There are many functions to bots, one of the most highlighted is process optimization, mainly for sales and customer services,

Bots help the process, saving time for your customer service team because, in some departments which answer repetitive questions from customers, much time is taken from the team, stressing them out.

The system can work in the first step of the attendance, filtering the interested customers, without wasting the time of your employee.

Quick service

How it was proved in the Chatbots Magazine research, most people prefer a chatbot for simplified attendance. These small and repetitive questions may not seem, but in a period can sum a good amount of time.

In addition to the speed of service, chatbot reduces the cost to the company, because if a bot software is not used, the company would have to hire more sellers, which would have more costs with salaries, labor charges, and risks.

One bot can work 24/7 without salary, labor charges, overtime, and without being tired. All this with a low price.

Notes before contracting a bot

With so many advantages, it’s almost irresistible to not contract a bot for your company, however, it will all depend on the public that you have and the concept of your business. If you have a customized product, this may have no sense for your business.

It’s important to be careful with your customer service to be not robotized, so the bot can turn a customer away, instead of bringing them to you, because there’s no direct interaction with a person.

With increasing competition, those who don’t advance with technology will be left behind. For that reason, knowing what bot is, and what it’s for, can stand out the company before competitors.

Considering that one company has a customer service 100% human and well rated by its customers, a bot or  FAQ can be good options to eliminate those wasted time with repetitive questions.

If contracting a bot will be come true for your company, do not let the customer service be robotized, and jeopardize the customer experience at the moment of his/her attendance.

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