Find out what FAQ is and save a lot of time



Knowing what FAQ is and how it works is essential to increase more your productivity. The acronym FAQ is an English definition for “Frequently Asked Questions”, or in our Portuguese: “Perguntas realizadas frequentemente”, free translation.

FAQ is a resource widely used for some companies, where there are frequent questions regarding the product or service, and their respective answers.

Running your own business requires great discipline and responsibility, after all, if you cannot organize and minimally control everything, your business can come into chaos.

Managing customers, files, employees, finance, takes a lot of time, and any resource for saving time will be very important.

Knowing what FAQ is and how it works is essential to increase more your productivity.

What is FAQ?

what FAQ is
Find out what FAQ is and save a lot of time 3

Understanding what FAQ is simpler than you imagine. It’s a tool for answering the most common questions from customers.

What is FAQ for??

This strategic and wonderful resource for self-service aims to provide answers to the most common questions in a daily routine of a company.

There are two FAQ characteristics to be highlighted: quick troubleshooting and timesaving in the customer service department.

Besides increasing, and a lot, the productivity of the customer service, understanding what is FAQ will be important to improve the customer experience, and consequently helping your sales results.

How to create a FAQ?

Now that you learned what FAQ is, we need to check how it works in practice. Most of the websites have a FAQ to clarify policies rules of the company regarding refund, devolution, freight, etc.

Creating a FAQ will depend on how new your product or service is. For example, if your company sells software, your FAQ must have information regarding how your software works.

However, if your product is more common, like clothing, for example, you will need less information about it, and you need to give more attention to other items, such as size, fabric, measurement instruction.

During the customer service some new questions will come up, however, those which are more frequent can be added to the FAQ.

In order to you to prepare your FAQ in the right way, we separated some important tips:


The first thing to do on your FAQ is your product, you don’t need to wait for your customers to bring questions to build your FAQ. Prepare a deep analysis to identify doubts to answer them afterward.


How FAQ is static content to communicate the answers, the language must be easy and clear, to make your customer understand as clearly as possible.

The goal is to optimize your support team. If the FAQ generates more questions, more people will contact your support team, and this is one of the things that you don’t want.

Constant change

FAQ doesn’t end at the moment that you finish it, because each day new customers will come up with new questions, and when these new questions become recurrent, you need to add this answer to your FAQ as soon as possible.


It doesn’t matter if your file is updated and easy to understand. If it’s all messy, as mentioned before, the FAQ must be objective to not overload your support team, and if the content is disorganized, making complicate the reading and understanding, it will be useless.

One important thing to do is to separate by theme or category, for example, in the size category, you answer all questions about sizes, in the delivery category, you will answer all questions about deliveries, and so on.


The purpose of the FAQ is to mitigate the quantity of your customer service and make your customer have a self-service. For that, you will need to promote it to your public, so they can solve all their questions about your product or service by themselves.

Leave your FAQ accessible, so your customer won’t have difficulty finding it. Even if the customer contacts you, check if the questions weren’t answered on the FAQ yet.

Another tool to add more value to your customer service is knowing what NPS is, a resource for customer service used for big companies.

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