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A programming language is a resource full of standards to explain directions to a computer, which means, is a grouping of symbols and codes used to define a computer program or web development.

Understanding these types of programming languages can make your business stands out when compared to others because the technology market grows day by day, and there are a few programmers in Brazil.

With the pandemic, the technology sector increased more its value in the market, growing during the pandemic. While some sectors were firing people, the technology sector was hiring more people.

In this post, we will talk about the most important types of Programming Languages.

What is a programming language?

types of programming languages
Find out the most important types of programming languages 3

A programming language is a way of communication between the programmer and the machine. The programmer uses syntactic rules and codes to communicate with the machine, sending commands, and change layouts.

What types of programming languages does it exist?

The programming language is the base for all digital applications created, be it websites, apps, or computer systems. There are two kinds of programming language, which are: low-level language and high-level language.

Low-level language

Even though it has this name, it doesn’t mean that it has inappropriate content or bad words. This type of language is completely directed to machines, it serves as an inseparable connection between the hardware and software.

This kind of language is more complex to work with because it’s not very intuitive and simple. One of the main goals of this programming language is to make communication easier between the programmer and the machine.

Low-level language can be for machines or assembly.

Machine language

This is the oldest language model, based on a set of digits or binary bit which the computer reads and interprets. This is the only language that the computer understands.

Assembly language or Assembly

The Assembly language is the machine language evolution. However, it cannot be considered high-level communication.

Even though this language is stored in text format, the machines cannot interpret the Assembly language. To be used it’s necessary to convert this language into the machine language, using the software Assembler.

In the software is created condensed, agile, and efficient codes, that can make a bridge between the programmer and the machine.

High-level language

This kind of language has the main goal to make the programmer work simple and fast because they are simpler to be interpreted. There is also the possibility of inserting codes using other languages like, Portuguese or English, for example.

Within these languages, there are two tools, which are the translator and compiler. The translator translates the programs written into the language of the machine, so the computer can interpret it.

The compiler allows the translation of the program at once, letting the process faster because the translator performs the translation in small parts.

Other high-level languages are Javascript, PHP, Python, and Ruby

What are the most used programming languages?


Java is one of the most popular programming languages. One of the main characteristics is its portability because it’s possible to compile any program in Java for any device.

Most of the android apps are created using Java.


JavaScrip is a programming language that was originally processed as a fragment of web browsers. This made the scripts possible to be executed next to the client, performing interaction with the user, without having to pass the script through the server.

This language is still very used for web applications, but they are already starting to perform tests on desktops and mobile. This is one of the oldest languages concerning the others, but it is still very used due to its simplicity.


C++ language is the updated version of C-. Even though it’s very old, it’s still used for complex and heavy software, like CRM’s, games for PC, and others.


Many web applications are created by PHP language because one of the main advantages is including a page that HTML does not support, besides, it’s widely used to interconnect pages with MySQL database.


This is considered the simplest language to understand by most people. Due to its high popularity, it’s widely used in web development and machine learning.

Depending on the project that you have in mind, if it uses any kind of technology, it’s important to understand a little bit about types of programming languages so you can apply them directly or indirectly.

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