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Winning a customer is harder nowadays, mainly on the Internet, because the entry barrier is lower, it makes the competition increase, and resultantly the winning customer process is more complex.

A thank you message to a customer can be a great opportunity to show gratitude to your customer, and it can also gain customer loyalty if you differentiate from the others.

In this post, we are going to show how to write a thank you messages to your customer and also show you some examples.

Reasons to send a thank you messages to your customer

17 inspiring thank you messages to your customer 2
17 inspiring thank you messages to your customer 3

ending some gratitude messages to your customer can generate many positive stimuli from your customer with you. It may seem a silly thing to send a message, but it is not.

“In the little details are the little secrets”.

In an era that people cannot look ahead day-by-day because they are only checking their smartphones, with the head down, showing some kind of attention through a message can turn into a positive effect on the image of your company.

There may be a customer’s loyalty if the message pleases him/her. The customer is going to continue with you by the treatment him/her receives. This happens because the sale doesn’t end when the payment of the product or service is concluded, it just begins.

An indication can also happen if your attendance is diligent. That’s why it’s important to have customized after-sales service with quality, to make your customer loyal to your products and indicate to his/her friends.

Gratitude to a customer for the trust

Trust is something hard to have in a product or service, mainly if you sell online.

Many people are afraid of buying, mainly online, because they are not sure about the quality of the product, for noticing that the product is incredibly beautiful in the picture, and it doesn’t match with the same item when the package arrives.

The fear of being scammed or be deceived, make a lot of people giving up on shopping online, mainly if they are not used to it, and if something wrong happened in their first purchase.

Buying something is trusting.

When a customer pays you, he/she is trusting you, and you need to reciprocate the same trust, initially with your product or service, and then in attendance.

7 examples of thank you messages for the customers purchase

1.    Dear customer, we are very thankful for choosing our product, I hope that our partnership is long, and we can exceed your expectations.

2.    Thank you for your purchase! Because of you, we are a company like this.

3.    Thank you for trusting our product, you are our biggest focus, we hope you enjoy it.

4.    Thanking is simply too little for the benefit of having you as a customer. Thank you very much for your choice, we are very happy!

5.    People like you make our work worth it! We are very thankful for having you as a customer, thank you for your purchase.

6.    Every closed order is a sign that we are on the right way. Thank you for your purchase.

7. We thank you very much, for trusting our product. We hope you enjoy it, we did everything with a lot of care.

10 examples of thank you messages to customers End of year

1.    We wish you a good end of year, may this date be celebrated with peace, happiness, and health!

2.    Happy Holidays! We wish you the Santa Claus to be very kind. May the new year come with a lot of joys.

3.    The magic of Christmas is in the air, and we wish you happier days with adorable people by your side. Happy Holidays!

4.    We have more than a customer, we have friends, and you are one of them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

5.    Dear customer, thank you for your preference, friendship, and trust during this year. Happy Holidays!

6.    We wish you peace, health, and happy Holidays!

7.    May the Christmas spirit make a home in your heart and keeps itself during the whole year! Happy Holidays!

8.    It’s with a great gratitude feeling from all our customers that were with us this year, we wish a great Christmas and a new year full of victories.

9.    May the confidence of a prosperous future be renewed! Always count on us. Happy New Year!

10. We thank you for trusting our products. We wish to share more achievements in coming year! Thank you very much!

All those examples can and must be changed according to your company and customers.

Each relationship is different, and each company has its proper language. That’s why is important to adapt to your communication.

Now that you noticed the importance of making your customer loyal through thank you messages to your customer, take advantage and check how to write a to write thank you letter to your customer.

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