The secrets of a good relationship with your customer



The relationship with your customer is the conception that describes the relationship between the company and its customer, putting together all the interactions and communication.

Many people have the wrong vision regarding the relationship of the company with its customer. Some business owners see customers as money cipher only, while some customers watch the business owners as greedy that only want money.

However, the relationship of the company with its customer goes beyond the financial transaction. If you think that the only thing that matters in this relationship is the sales, you are completely wrong. In this article, we will see a new point of view about this relationship.

What is the importance of having a good relationship with your customer?

relationship with your customer
The secrets of a good relationship with your customer 3

Building a relationship with your customer is essential, because, according to one of the biggest professionals in marketing, Philip Kotler, keeping a customer costs from 5 to 7 times less than acquiring a new one.

“Keeping a customer costs from 5 to 7 times less than acquiring a new one”.

Philip Kotler

There are no arguments against numbers, now that there are more advantages of making the customer buying from your again, than acquiring a new customer. The company needs to be ready to improve even more its customer service, so the customer remains in your base, and consequently he/she will buy more from you.

How must the relationship with your customer be?

Considering that the sale is not the most important thing in a relationship with the customer, we separated some orientations to improve your relationship with your customer:

Learn about your customer

It’s easier to sell for someone that you already know than selling to a total strange. That’s why the company must study a lot about its customer, before trying to sell anything.

One of the ways to perform this study is to learn about your persona. It will define your public target, the persona definition will be more complete and you will add more detailed information to create a semi-fictitious profile.

During customer service is relevant to understand the customer’s mind, so you can offer the product to a more adequate public.

Systemic view

The systemic view is the skill to see the complete context, analyzing all the agents inserted in that process.

With this kind of view, you will be focused on what matters, that is customer loyalty, not only the sale. The sale is just the beginning of a long-term relationship of the customer with the company, and not the end.

When a customer received a treatment focused on a long-term relationship, the tendency for your customer is to buy more from you.

Excellent customer service

It’s a little redundant talk about it, but it’s always good to keep in mind to offer excellent customer service.

It’s important to make your customer see in your product or service what he/she really is looking for, and to make this possible you must have good and friendly communication, otherwise, if your company tries to force a sale, it will demonstrate desperation somehow.


There is nothing better than the customer to answer what he wants. Selling is more about listening than talking.

Many sellers think that they must convince a customer to buy the product. However, the sale will be concluded when the seller is listening, and because of this the customer will be comfortable to reveals all his/her wishes.

With this information in hand, it’s easier to close a sale.


Many people are afraid of being true and sincere with the customer. Fear transmits insecurity, and most of the time, honesty can be a positive attitude for the relationship with your customer.

The truth must be transmitted before and after the sale. It doesn’t matter to highlight the qualities of the products and services, and not be able to deliver what you promised. That’s why it’s important to be honest and align expectations with your customer, to avoid future frustration.


Sale is just the beginning of the relationship with your customer. For that reason, is important to have an after-sales process, to build your customer’s loyalty. After-sales is a set of strategies directed to the customer.

In this process, the company needs to demonstrate a genuine interest in its customer and be available for whatever the customer needs. This can be possible by performing a satisfaction survey, with quality and dedicated support, remembering important dates, and many other ways.

One of the ways to apply a good after-sales is using the after-sales funnel, which is divided into 4 steps:

●  Adoption: in this step, the customer is already using your product or service. A Welcome or Thank You message can be sent.

●  Retention: in this step, the customer is still using, but he/she may already have some impressions about the product or service, this is an opportunity for gathering statements or social proof.

●  Expansion: in this step, the customer is ready for new acquisitions, and you can offer products or customized services for them.

●      Evangelization: in this level, the customer is already your fan, and consequently your customer ends up promoting your brand to all his/her closest friends and, as gratitude, the company can offer some discounts coupons, or rewards by indication in social networks.

The sale is just the beginning of the relationship with your customer. It’s like an engagement. The company needs to make this relationship long-lasting as possible, not only for the benefit of its own company but also for the benefits of the customer.

If you are not working on the relationship with your customer properly, you need to pay attention urgently. Because you may lose the customer to another company which cares about having a good relationship with the customer.

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