17 Ready-Made Phrases Customer Service for WhatsApp (Updated 2023)



As important as acquiring the customer, consolidating the customer is essential. That’s why the ready-made phrases customer service is so significant.

In addition to interacting with your customer at the time of sale or supporting him/her, the dialog with buyers will bring many benefits to the business, being able to leverage them.

As a result, investing in good customer service, will bring trust and will make your customer be comfortable to buy from you.

A team that uses the ready-made phrases tools for customer service stands out in the market.

By the way, excellent customer service not only brings new customers only but contributes to the loyalty process, as mentioned before.

There are some strategies to make the service satisfactory. In this article, we will present 17 ready-made phrases customer service, so you can copy and use them in your attendance.

Why is it important to use ready-made phrases customer service?

 ready-made phrases customer service
17 Ready-Made Phrases Customer Service for WhatsApp (Updated 2023) 3

When the customer service team uses this strategy, it demonstrates to buyer users’ professional preparation.

It’s important to take into consideration that the attendant must be transparent with the customer.

The attendant must inform if there’s no solution, if the problem will be solved in some minutes, or in case the system is down.

The customer service team needs to be clear about these issues. This will make your customer feel safe to report what is going on, and together, find a solution for the present problem.

In that case, even if the customer’s report is complex or incomplete, when the team is prepared with ready-made phrases for customer service, this process becomes simpler.

After all, the correct use of expressions, besides bringing patterns, adds value to professionalism, considering that it’s essential to guide your team.

The attendant needs to adapt these ready-made phrases to customer service, according to each faced situation, as they may run into unforeseen circumstances.

Just as it is important to adapt the attendants, your team needs to be prepared to offer human attendance. Acting with empathy, without going over the idea that the customer is talking to a robot.

In other words, your team needs to be trained and prepared to correctly use these expressions, with the right approaches to bring more experience to the customer.

Given this, we can conclude that besides offering support during the purchase moment, or facilitating the offer of products and services, deliver a good customer experience is crucial, right? Solving problems is the priority.

17 examples of ready-made phrases to customer service:

1: Hello, my name is xxxxx. I am representing xxxxx company. How can I help you right now?

2: Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening. My name is xxxxx. May I help you?

3: Hi, how are you doing? My name is xxxxx. I’m here to help you. Please, can you inform your phone number so that we can continue our service in case there is any problem?

4: Hello, welcome. My name is xxxxx. What would the reason for your contact be?

5: Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening. How are you? My name is xxxxx, I’m at your disposal. What may I help you with?

6: All right, Mr. XXXX. For us to align our service, your request concerns XXXX, correct?

7: I’m sorry that this happened, Mr./Mrs. I understand your situation. I will transfer your request to the responsible sector and will soon contact you again to inform you of the progress of your request.

8: I apologize for the inconvenience. Keep calm because I will find a way to solve your problem.

9: I understand. In order to solve this matter, we need to align some information. Could you please give me more details about what happened?

10: Mr. / Mrs. XXXXX, I’m trying to solve your problem quickly and agilely, but right now, we have our system down. Could you please wait for xxx minutes?

11: Don’t worry Mr. / Mrs. XXXX, your question is very common. We understood your question.

12: I hope you could have solved your problem! Mr. / Mrs. Do you need anything else, or do you have any other questions? May I help you with something else?

13: It was a pleasure serving you. If you have more doubts, there’s no problem, I am here to help you!

14: Thank you very much for your feedback, it’s very important to keep on doing our work with excellence.

15: Your opinion is very important for our company. Could you please evaluate our service through the form below?

16: Hello, good afternoon, how are you doing? My name is xxxxx. I represent the company xxxxx. You acquired one of our products. We would like to know if everything went right?

17: Good morning / Good afternoon / Good evening. I am representing xxxxx company, and my name is xxxxx. On my system, I can see that Mr. / Mrs. Purchased the product xxx with us. How was your experience? Did our product meet your expectations?

Your team needs to be trained and prepared for using the correct ready-made phrases customer service, using the right approaches in order to improve customer experience.

All those examples can and must be changed according to your company and customers, each relationship is different, and each company has a proper language. That’s why adapting to your communication is important.

Also, check the examples of thank you messages to customers to make your attendance more agile and efficient.

Did you like these ready-made phrases customer service? Which one will you apply to your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

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