52 Message of Thanks to the Customer Unbelievable



If you wish to perform faster and more efficient customer service, you need to use a message of thanks to the customer. In these 52 models, you can adapt to your business and build customer loyalty.

Imagine that you have just bought a product from a website and receive a thank you message like that:

“Thank you for your trust in buying with us. We were happy about your preference. We hope you enjoy our product.”

This is good, isn’t it?

The thank you message to a customer who has just bought or acquired a product, is the most simple and fundamental way to keep a good relationship.

In this article, we will present 52 message of thanks to the customer, so you can use them to streamline your service.

Reasons to send a thank you message to your customer.

message of thanks to the customer
52 Message of Thanks to the Customer Unbelievable 3

If your main goal is to show how important is the customer when he/she acquires something from your company.

Show that he/she is not just any number among others. In other words, the thank you message that you leave to your customer is of great value.

As a result, we can count on loyalty. From the moment that the customer is happy with the purchase, and he/she realizes it is important for him/her to be there, the chances of coming back for acquiring more products increases.

The thank you messages to the customer bring people closer to their future purchases.

52 Message of Thanks to the customer (examples):

Your team needs to be trained and ready for using the correct thank you messages to the customers, using the right approaches to improve customer experience.

1. Thank you for your preference. Track your order by clicking on the link below or login into the website and click on “Orders”.

2. Hi! Thank you for always being with us. As a gift, we are sending you a discount coupon to use on our website. You are essential to our company!

3. We can observe that you have been our customer for 3 years. To thank you for this, we are sending you a free e-book. Enjoy!

4. Thank you for rating us well! We hope our service has been satisfactory to you. If we can help you with anything else, let us know below.

5. Thank you for subscribing to our Newsletter. Through it, we will deliver some cool content. We hope you enjoy it!

6. You renewed your contract with us. Thank you for that! In case of any problem or doubt, please keep in touch with us using the channels below.

7. Hope to see you here more often. Track or order by clicking on the link below or log in to your account. See you soon.

8. What a joy to have you as a customer. We hope your experience has been good.

9. We would like to count on your feedback to improve your experience. If you have something to say, just reply to this email.

10. We hope that our relationship will grow even more. Would you like to check our catalog?

11. Today is father’s day! And to congratulate them as they deserve, we are sending you a 10% discount valid on our website.

12. Thank you for purchasing! Do you already follow our social networks? Click on the links below and check.

13. Congratulations on your day! As a gift, we are sending you a discount coupon. Use it on our website and guarantee your piece.

14. Thank you for choosing us, we hope you are satisfied with your purchase.

15. Thanks for the partnership! We are happy for you to trust our work.

16. What a great motivation to have you as a customer.

17. We hope that our work will meet your expectations!

18. Thank you for encouraging us to do our work with excellence!

19. Our work is most significant when recognized by you, customer!

20. Having your preference motivates us. Thank you for shopping with us.

21. For our company, it’s a privilege to have you as a customer.

22. We will always be available to continue serving you! Thank you.

23. Our company thanks to the preference, count on us for what you need.

24. Your trust has value to us! Thanks for shopping with us.

25. Your partnership encourages us to always do our best. Thank you for being our customer.

26. We thank you from our hearts for this partnership. We are at your disposal!

27. We are happy for this relationship that we made, thank you for the partnership!

28. We hope that our dedication will meet your expectations.

29. We do our job with great dedication. We hope you enjoy it!

30. Having your trust shows us that we are on the right track.

31. Thank you for being our customer. In case of doubts, contact us.

32. Thank you for purchasing! In case that you want to reach us, access the link below.

33. You are a special customer. Our company thanks you for buying with us!

34. We hope you had a great experience with us. Rate us at the following link.

35. Thank you for purchasing. We hope that we can remain firm from now on.

36. Thank you for trusting in our work. We hope you enjoy it.

37. It’s an honor to have you as a client! Thank you.

38. Thank you for being part of this project!

39. Thank you for making this partnership possible.

40. Our greatest satisfaction is to serve you!

41. Your order has arrived! Thank you for your trust.

42. Our partnership will bring success every day! Thank you for being our customer.

43. Our priority is your satisfaction! Count on us.

44. We thank you for your trust for so long!

45. Hello customer friend, we hope you are satisfied with the purchase.

46. Thank you for your choice. We are grateful to serve you.

47. We hope to meet your expectations. Thank you, customer.

48. It’s great to have you as a customer

49. We always want to be able to meet your needs! Thank you for your trust.

50. Thank you for your purchase with us!

51. We work to always offer you the best! Thank you for the purchase.

52. You are essential to our company, thank you for your trust.

All those examples can and must be changed according to your company and customers, each relationship is different, and each company has a proper language. That’s why adapting to your communication is important.

Also, read about how to have a good relationship with the customer.

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