How to create WhatsApp link: step-by-step [2023]



If you already use WhatsApp to communicate with clients or possible clients, you already had to send your number to some to start talking to you through WhatsApp.

However, there are different ways about how to create WhatsApp link nowadays. In this article, you will learn everything about this tool.

How to create a direct WhatsApp link manually

How to create WhatsApp link: step-by-step [2023] 2
How to create WhatsApp link: step-by-step [2023] 3

The first thing to do is create a link manually, for that you will need to copy the URL code to create the link.

Code for WhatsApp link:

Right after the equal sign (=), you will need to add your phone number using the following format:

Brazilian country code “55” + area code (without zero) + your WhatsApp number.

The URL will be like the example below:

Obs.: If you have the old version of WhatsApp, it may not start with the number 9, so check on your profile if your WhatsApp has the number 9.

All set, now your future clients won’t need to save your number to be in touch with you.

How to create a WhatsApp link with a message

Making your identification easier for those who will be in touch with you, there’s the possibility of sending a customized message connected to your phone number link.

Learning how to create a WhatsApp link with a message is very simple and can help you a lot.

For that, you will need the same URL used above, but you will need to include some parameters into the URL of the WhatsApp link:


The code will be like that:

Obs.: The code %20 is in place of spacing because it’s not possible to place spaces in the URL link. If you need to add spaces to your message, use %20.

It’s not possible to add accents in the URL, so you will need to write without them.

What is the WhatsApp link shortener?

A shortener is a way to transform an HTTP address into a shorter link. It helps visually if you send the link to an unknown person or client.

There are many link shorteners online. Bitly is one of the most famous, where you can also, besides shortener your WhatsApp link, customize, track clicks and geographic data from people’s clicks.

Shorteners are websites that can shorten big links or customize your link and let them more friendly.

Besides bitly, there are other shorteners online, like TinyURL, URL Shortener by Zapier,, Encurtador, and many others. There’s a lot of possibilities for you to choose from.

How to create WhatsApp link on Instagram

Instagram is a social network that is on the rise, and it may be possible for people to be interested in your products or services when they visit your Instagram.

If you had a WhatsApp link on Instagram, it would facilitate contact with the visitor.

If you already have the WhatsApp link already created and shortened as shown above, it’s only necessary to copy the shortened link, and add it to your Instagram profile.

Step 1

Open your profile and click edit profile.

Step 2

In the website field, you will place your shortened WhatsApp link and then save your profile changes.

The WhatsApp link on Instagram can help you a lot to bring more people that are interested in your profile, product, or service.

For that reason, you need to learn how to create a WhatsApp link.

How your link was already created, it will be very easy to share your contact to other people, not needing to save your number before starting the communication with you.

Consequently, it’s important to know to create a WhatsApp link to let your communication even faster and dynamic.

Use this tip as much as you want and make it even easier to communicate between you and your customers.

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