Is Dalego a good platform? Is it worth it? [Analysis]



Dalego is a platform focused on gamification to boost sales in customer service and loyalty.

The objective is to help companies of all sizes to increase their sales using monitoring and strategies with rewards focused on results.

In this article we will analyze the tool, and what are the advantages and benefits for those who choose this platform so that their team and customers have a better experience.

What is Dalego?

Is Dalego a good platform? Is it worth it? [Analysis] 4

The Dalego platform is a system that aims to improve customer service and make your team see results from every good service.

The App converts end-of-service feedback into coins that can be exchanged by attendants for prizes.

By setting goals and rewards you increase the satisfaction and commitment of the sales team, this is one of the benefits of gamification.

Subscription plans range from 10 users to 100, with prices varying between 99 and 990 reais, and you can register links and varied rewards depending on the plan.

What is gamification?

If you’re not familiar with the term, gamification is the process of applying game elements and mechanics in contexts that aren’t necessarily games, such as education, business, healthcare, and other fields.

This is done with the aim of engaging and motivating people, making tasks or activities more interesting and fun.

Common gamification elements include points, achievements, competitions, rankings, challenges, narratives, and rewards.

Dalego uses these elements to motivate its team.

What are the advantages of Dalego?

It offers many resources for you to use gamification to leverage and improve your company’s customer service.

Below we will see the advantages of hiring the platform’s service:

Create Users

Add your list of attendants and salespeople. Each member will receive an email with access data and will have different access levels.

Groups and Sectors

Separate your users into groups or sectors, thus giving different rewards and rules for earning virtual currencies.

Register Links

Save different review links and make them available to one or more groups to send to your customers.

Pixels & Conversion

The time has come to motivate and reward good salespeople through the intelligent conversion pixel so that no effort goes unnoticed.

Showcase & Rewards

Build different showcases for your teams, with exclusive values and prizes, chosen by you.

Daily Ranking

New performance metrics are generated every day, creating a healthy, participatory competitive environment that will highlight the best.

Individual Timeline

Don’t get stuck in group views.

Monitor, in real time, the achievements of each employee. See the ratings received and the conversions made so you can rethink your goals and loyalty programs.

Receive Webhooks

Integrate the platform with other feedback and information systems, such as CRMs, spreadsheets, forms and much more.

Dalego login: How to do it?

Creating your account on the platform is very simple.
You will need to enter some information about your company such as name, email and password.

The platform is completely online, and without needing to install any software on your PC, simply access a portal with a login and password, in the browser of your choice.

Is Dalego Free? Are there fines?

The platform is paid, but they offer a 30-day trial and if you contract the service for longer there are no fines for early cancellation.

Is it worth subscribing to Dalego?

Dalego is a platform that will allow you to gain productivity and autonomy for your sales team through benefits for closing and good service.

This type of improvement in service provides a solution for employees who deal with a large number of customers or who are having trouble maintaining stability.

With this technique that uses elements of bonuses and quantification of communication, your company can stand out from its competitors.

Did you like this analysis about Dalego? Do you think it would be the ideal choice for your business? Leave a comment and share your opinion with us.

Is Dalego a good platform? Is it worth it? [Analysis] 1
Is Dalego a good platform? Is it worth it? [Analysis] 5

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