Customer satisfaction survey: how and when to do it?



A customer satisfaction survey can be an effective alternative for you to gain customer loyalty for your products and services.

It can be weird but gaining customer loyalty can be even more important than achieve new customers. This happens because the competitors are increasing every day, and it’s getting more difficult to gain more customers.

Instead of thinking about gaining more buyers, what about keep those who already bought from you? The logic within these premises is: if the customer already bought from you, he/she trusts you, then, it’s easier for him/her to buy from you again than a new customer to buy from you.

In this post, you will learn how and when to perform a customer satisfaction survey.

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

Customer satisfaction survey: how and when to do it? 2
Customer satisfaction survey: how and when to do it? 3

A customer satisfaction survey is a used methodology to measure and understand how the customer’s satisfaction level is concerning your product or service. The methodology opens a direct channel between the customer and the company.

With the survey results, the company can implement improvements in its process of production, sales, and services.

Customer satisfaction is when the expectation matches the offered product. If the item does not match the expectation, the customer will be dissatisfied.

If overcomes expectations, the customer will be delighted and probably you will be indicated to another person.

Receiving an indication like that will be amazing because if someone close indicates your product, the person will be very inclined to take the decision.

How to do a customer satisfaction survey?

After realizing the relevance of a customer satisfaction survey, it’s essential to know a process to perform the methodology in the most appropriate way possible. Before coming to the customer with a lot of questions, check these steps out below:


Lewis Carrol, a British poet and novelist, has its quote:

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

Before anything, define the goals that you want for your survey, to have the best and complete results. Some companies do the calculation for different purposes, such as creating news or bringing the customers closer.

After defining the goal, you only need to follow the next step.


The surveys are usually targeted to customers or people somehow. They have strengthened relationships with the company.

In case of a sales drop in a specific region, you must divide the survey according to the location of each group.

The public can be divided in other ways, for example, gender, age, shopping time, or you can make a generalist survey, focused only on the evaluation of a product or service. The segmentation can be more accurate, for this reason if you can segment, do it.


There are several channels that you can send your survey. A long time ago the surveys were performed in person.

Some restaurants, for example, let some devices on the table for their customers to evaluate.

For long and complete surveys, the Internet can be used, through the own form of Google, Google forms. The form can be sent via e-mail or even by WhatsApp.


Depending on the kind of model that you have chosen, there will be an influence on this survey phase.

If you opted to target your public, the question needs to be targeted as well, otherwise, your customer won’t understand the questions and they can wrongly answer them, jeopardizing your survey.

Ask in moderation, look for balance in quantity, if you ask a few questions, there will be little data to analyze.

If you ask a lot of questions, the customer may give up on the middle of the process or he/she will answer in whatever way to finish the survey as soon as possible.

To reduce the survey discontinuation, try to organize a way somehow to have the main questions appearing first.

If you want to go deeper into an amazing survey tool, check out what NPS is and improve your attendance.

Customer satisfaction survey – Questions

Questions are the main part of the survey, for that reason, be very careful with each question and the public that you will investigate. Below you will find some question examples:

  1. Did our product fulfill your needs?
  2. What was the problem that our product helped you to solve?
  3. How often do you use product X?
  4. On a scale from 0 to 10, what would be your score for product X?
  5. Are you happy with the delivery of product X?
  6. What is the possibility of recommending product X to a friend?
  7. Was the information about product X clear?

All those questions can and must be adapted, if possible, give multiple-choice questions to your customer, to make the answers quicker.

This will make the people be able to answer all those questions more efficiently.

Performing a survey is a great alternative to strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

In addition to being a good chance to improve your product and service even more.

After gathering that information, it’s just necessary to analyze and implement those necessary changes to gain customer loyalty, making them trust your business, and consequently buy more from you.

Did you like this post? Have you ever performed a customer satisfaction survey or participate in one? Leave a comment and share it with us and our readers!

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